Value Added

The durability of my finish ensures your project will withstand years of use

Create A Look

Create just the right look from rustic to contemporary or from gloss to flat


Take something old and turn it into a focal piece that will have everyone talking

Kim and Eric floor

Add Value To Your Project

The durability of my finish ensures your project will withstand years of use!

My state-of-the-art spray booth draws fresh air from outside, moves it through a heating and two filtration systems, then delivers it through the booth and back out the roof. This provides the cleanest and most protective finish possible. I can also MATCH any finish.

Story behind the picture: Flooring is nearly 200 years old, but with the remodel, new pieces were needed, particularly for the front edge. Fabricated wood pieces to a 100% match with the original flooring. 

Create A Look

I can create any type of look...from rustic, to contemporary. I can also work with any type of product from metal to wood. In fact, I can make wood appear to be metal...and metal appear to be wood!

Story behind the picture: Repurposed wood siding found in the barn. Then applied a modern two-part finish for protection to create this distressed back for kitchen's island.

Distressed island back
Reclaimed wood hood

Repurpose - Reclaim - Reuse

My finish services allow you to make choices that are good for the environment, your budget, and for making the most out of a space.

Story behind the picture: Original kitchen had wide plank poplar on the walls. I harvested the planks and repurposed them into the new range hood.

Next Steps...

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